Online rental applications and background screening for residential and commercial properties

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Integrated Feature:

Verification document management.

Request and access applicant verification documents such as pay stubs, bank statements and photo IDs within the TenantMagic program.

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TenantMagic includes an online rental application. You get our comprehensive screening reports within minutes after your applicants complete the last step in our process - identity verification.

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  • Included with the screening reports
  • Completed and signed online by each of the applicants
  • Each co-applicant receives a link to complete their own application

Credit Report

  • Credit score with tradelines, late payment, collections and civil judgements
  • Recommendation based on credit history and household income
  • Soft pull, does not affect the credit score of the applicant's

Criminal Background

  • Nationwide
  • Federal, state, county and municipal
  • Sex offender report also included

Eviction Report

  • Reported by the eviction courts
  • Includes all filings
  • Nationwide coverage